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red tape16Americans for Less Regulation tells this neglected story:

Runaway regulations will never be reduced until the American public understands the burden on everyone and demands reform & relief.

It’s the biggest untold story in America. The crushing burden of regulations hurts people, families and households far more than it hurts businesses. Companies can pass along costs of red tape through higher prices; families cannot do that.

Millions of Americans no longer pay federal income tax and therefore do not realize their personal stake in controlling the size of government and bureaucracy. But regulations strip them of economic freedom just as high taxes would. Quality of life suffers when government mandates raise prices, especially for limited incomes.

Most advocates of reform talk about the impact of regulations on GDP, national employment, businesses, etc. The media typically fail to dig deeper. So ALR takes the research from groups such as The Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, Mercatus Center, CATO Institute, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and even from government agencies, boiling it down to reveal the impact on individuals and households.

Only when the public feels a PERSONAL stake in reducing red tape will reform finally happen. ALR works to relieve people and families from this crushing burden of regulations and red tape. 

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Everyday people bear the brunt of higher prices and fewer jobs

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