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RED TAPE wrecks family budgets
and kills jobs

Consumer prices rise as businesses pass along the costs.  Household budgets ruined; national economy limps


It’s not the Fortune 500 that suffers most. It’s us.

The tighter your family budget, the more you are damaged by runaway regulations that make everything more expensive.

Americans for Less Regulation reveals the crippling burdens that red tape places on everyday people — burdens that need to be lowered and removed.

Advocates of regulations claim that people will benefit from better goods and services, or will save money in the long run because lower operating costs eventually will repay you for higher purchase costs.

Those claims are rarely true.

Your savings are zero if you cannot afford the higher prices. Instead, your quality of life suffers. You also lose when you add debt to meet those prices and pay high interest rates from buying with credit cards.

Sometimes the expense of red tape means you cannot get a job. Or over-regulation takes away your job.

The costs of regulations reduce the self-sufficiency of Americans. Then ‘assistance’ programs are proposed to relieve the problems caused by over-regulation. That starts a new cycle of government borrowing, spending and national debt that falls on all of us and our children.

Americans for Less Regulation tells this neglected truth:

Runaway regulations will never be controlled until the American public knows the personal burden on them and demands reform & relief.

The biggest untold story in America is how the crushing burden of regulations hurts people, families and households far more than it hurts businesses.  Companies can pass along costs of red tape through higher prices; families cannot do that.

Millions of Americans overlook their personal stake in the size of government and bureaucracy because they no longer pay federal income tax. But regulations strip them of economic freedom just as high taxes would. Quality of life suffers when government mandates raise prices, especially for those with low or limited incomes.

Most advocates of reform talk about how regulations impact GDP, national employment, businesses, etc. The media likewise fail to dig deeper. But ALR focuses on how everyday people and households suffer from over-regulation.

ALR boils things down to the personal level. ALR simplifies the research from groups such as The Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Mercatus Center, CATO Institute, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, plus admissions by government agencies, revealing the impact on individuals and households.

Red Tape CleanupOnly when the public feels a PERSONAL stake in reducing red tape will reform finally happen. ALR works to relieve people and families from this crushing burden of regulations and red tape. Red tape must be cut and swept away.


Family budgets wrecked by runaway regulations and red tape

Grocery shopperRunaway regulations are hurting everyday people and wrecking family budgets. It’s not big companies that suffer from the $1.88 trillion annual burden of red tape that the government imposes. They pass them along, adding the costs onto their price tags.

Unaffordable health care coverage, unaffordable electric bills, unaffordable rises in food costs, unaffordable college, and unaffordable appliances are parts of the skyrocketing burden of regulations, usually dictated from Washington.

Millions of Americans who no longer pay federal income tax nevertheless have a stake in controlling the size of government, because their family budgets are ruined by higher prices resulting from regulations. All costs of regulations are passed along by businesses owners to employees who get paid with a pay stub template software.

The average is $15,000 per household per year, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s new annual report “Ten Thousand Commandments”, with a collective cost of $1.88 trillion. Last year alone, President Obama’s hand-picked bureaucrats created $567 per person of new red tape by creating 75,000 pages of more regulations. That’s a one-year regulatory increase of over $2,000 for a household of four.

Because that overall $1.88 trillion number is too big to swallow, people need the details one bite at a time. Providing those digestible bites is the mission of Americans for Less Regulation. Many items also are posted on ALR’s Facebook site.

HOW does red tape hurt your family budget? Read more for details including:

  • Skyrocketing electric bills
  • Higher automobile prices
  • Phony claims of consumer savings
  • Appliance prices
  • Light bulbs
  • Window blinds
  • Federal snooping of your personal finances
  • Rising health care costs